UNAC 300RR².1

The long range road-rail cutter








Long Reach

Long Reach

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UNAC 300RR².1

The long range road-rail cutter


The UNAC 300RR² V2.1 is an upgrade of the UNAC 300RR² developed for our customers who want to achieve even greater working range.

The machine has a similar architecture to the 300RR² and its components are similar:

- A load-bearing chassis designed using finite element calculations and made of HLE steel.

- Ergonomic and comfortable cab with high visibility, 0-100° rotation and ROPS/FOPS/OPS compliance.

- Intuitive and interactive control system with a higher level of safety than is normally used on this type of machine.

- Caterpillar engines are economical, reliable and environmentally friendly (EU stage 5 / US EPA tier 4 final).

- Hydraulic system ideally designed to provide maximum power to the tool, without limiting other capabilities needed to operate the machine.

- 2 heavy-duty, steered road axles.

- 2 HD-FR rail axles with a single central cylinder lift system and optional integration of a "pedal pass" system.

- A system to limit the height of the arm when working under a powered catenary line

- A high-performance, lightweight shredding tool.

The main difference lies in the arm's environment, which has been reworked to incorporate the Slagkraft SC160 model, proven in the field of brushcutting and with a greater reach than the UNAC arm thanks to a telescopic part.

To counterbalance the imbalance created by the arm when it is placed in the work area, two mobile counterweights are offset from the frame.

At the end of the arm, a mounted tool head can be rotated by a 360° crown with tilt movements to adapt the tool to different terrains.




  • Soundproofed. Ventilated, with heating and air conditioning.
  • Suspended seat adjustable according to the weight of the driver.
  • Steering wheel adjustable in height and inclination.
  • Electronic instrument panel.
  • 100° swivel cab for optimum visibility of the working area.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Rail: Length: 10.80 m. Height: 3.70 m Wheelbase: 5.60 m. Width: 2.50 m
  • Road: Length: 10.80 m. Height: 3.50 m Wheelbase: 2.90 m. Width: 2.50 m
  • Max. rotation angle of the arm = 100°
  • Max. rotation angle of the tool = 360°
  • Max. reach = 11m from the track centre line (reach limited by tool weight)
  • One pump is dedicated to powering the chipper up to 100 KW (136 hp)
  • One pump is dedicated to the arm movements - proportional management.
  • Recommended tool weight: 360 Kg max.
  • Tool to be defined when ordering.
  • CATERPILLAR diesel with turbo aspiration
  • Power 175 HP / 129 kW. Maximum speed 2300 rpm
  • Torque 750 N.m at 1400 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 210 litres.
  • Average autonomy: 22 hours


  • 2-speed hydraulic. 4 wheel drive and steering.
  • Working speed: from 0 to 6 km/h
  • Travelling speed: from 0 to 25 km/h
  • 2 speed hydraulic. 4 wheel drive.
  • Working speed: 0 to 6 km/h
  • Transport speed: from 0 to 23 km/h
  • Totally powered with hydraulics.
  • 4 hydraulic pumps, 3 of which are variable flow.
  • Oversized 400 litre tank to increase cooling capacity.
  • 100 litre circuit.
  • 32T load capacity axles. Front and rear steering axles with integrated steering cylinders.
  • No visible brake hoses.
  • Hydraulic steering.
  • 4 independent steering wheels to reduce the turning radius or crab steering
  • Road: The axles are equipped with a positive-action brake disc for each wheel. The brakes are applied automatically when stationary.
  • Rail: The hydraulic motors of the iron axles are equipped with positive-action discs. The brakes are applied automatically when stationary. The acceleration and deceleration ramps of the iron axle motors are controlled by a programmable automatic controller.


It is essential for

  • - Clearing brush from the edges of railways
  • - Shredding with forestry shredders
  • - Pruning with a cutter
  • - Shredding from the sides of roads
  • - Driving on barrier release pedals with a pedal pass system



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