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One industry, many talents



UNAC is made up of three sites: a logistics centre, a series production facility for defence and civil vehicles and a specialised production site. The production site includes a welding shop, a machining site, electro-technical laboratories, a prototyping site, a hydraulic engineering office, an after-sales service operations site and a training centre with a railway and training ground.


The design offices are staffed by experienced engineers and technicians working with the most advanced design and modelling software.

The calculation and measurement department provides the accuracy and flexibility necessary for dimensioning.

Each employee brings his or her skills in the fields of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, prototyping, monitoring and application of standards, and monitoring of defence or civil projects. The three main areas of expertise are airdroppable, defence and road-rail vehicules.




Our priority of guaranteeing the quality and supply of our products is achieved through retaining all our skills and know-how. Welding is one of our long-standing activities. Nowadays, having a structured and experienced design office working in close proximity to the welding shop is a winning bet that allows us to develop reliable, cost-effective, industrialisable and high-quality machines.

Qualified metal workers and welders make the frames and other complex sheet metal parts in compliance with strict welding methods for state-of-the-art production.


UNAC can manufacture the complex machined parts necessary for its vehicles on one of its production sites.

A wide range of production equipment enables a high degree of production independence, great quality of service and a quick response time, which is invaluable for the supply of spare parts.