UNAC 500P Trencher on tyres

UNAC's 500P trencher, depending on the tool selected, can trench through any type of soil up to 2.50m in depth and 800mm in width. With the accessories, the trencher can hold a reel for the mechanical laying of cable, conduit or pipes before closing the trench.


The 500P trencher's tyre carrier was made after the 300P was a resounding success, still custom-made to meet the specific needs of the work site. The mechanically welded chassis with box-section side rails provides high resistance to the vibration and stress imposed by the trench-digging tool. The large diameter tyres allow the machine to travel over all types of terrain.
The ergonomic and pressurized cab offer a panoramic view of the tool and the road, the reel carrier or conveyors and the excavated soil/rock loading vehicle.
The carrier is equipped with a tool slide interface which allows various tools to be mounted, according to the needs and characteristics of each project.
The 500P can be delivered with the following tools:

  • Rock saw
  • Alligator chain
  • Vibrating ploughshare

Tools are selected according to the work sites.
The rock saw and Alligator chain models vary in width, according to requirements. The rock saw is made of dual-drive super-strong web for unequalled lifespan and robustness. When trench widths vary from project to project, only the wheel assemblies must be changed. Similarly, for the Alligator chain, only the chain units need to be changed to alter the trench opening width.


  • Pressurized, dust-proof cab.
  • Several adaptable tools, rock saw, chain or vibrating ploughshare on the same carrier, maybe interchanged in just 1 hour; thus, the same vehicle can be used for different projects and different work site contexts.
  • Large oil tank to withstand extreme working temperatures.
  • Manual offset corrector allows the drivers to adjust the tilt of the tool and thus the trench, according to the terrain.
  • Benefits from all of UNAC's experience, enabling it to penetrate even the hardest and most abrasive rocks.
  • Tool can be laterally offset on each end and beyond the vehicle with the double-offset option.
  • Even very large diameter (4.30m) cable reels can be used.
  • Vehicle with tyres allowing it to travel on road, thus preventing the need to use heavy equipment transporters.
  • Hydrostatic drive carrier that ensures consistent and precise movements.
  • Extremely powerful 500 hp machine with constant control of the carrier's feed force and tool's drive force.
  • Latest generation engine, reliable, economical with fuel, and low-polluting.
  • Ultra-robust machine that can withstand extreme operating conditions and requires very little maintenance.
  • Large number of options available to meet the specificities of each project.


Technical Data

  • DEUTZ turbocharged aspirated diesel engine
  • Power 550 hp / 404 kW Maximum RPM 2,200 rpm
  • 4 wheel drive
  • 2 speed transfer gear box supplied by a double cylinder hydraulic engine
  • 4 speeds selected:
    • - Work speed: 1st from 0 to 0.5 km/h - 2nd from 0 to 2 km/h
    • - Road speed: 1st from 0 to 10 km/h - 2nd from 0 to 25 km/h
  • Carrier structure with box-section side rails Mechanically welded unit
  • 9 hydraulic pumps, including 2 with variable flow rate
  • 1100 L tank + 500 L circuit
  • Cooled by 3 hydraulic coolers, 40 Kcal/h each
  • Offset corrector
Brakes and drive axles
  • ABS safety brakes, with pads
  • Disc brakes on all 4 wheels
  • Self-locking rear drive axle standard
  • Forward drive axle with locking differential
  • Front and back drive axles with integrated steering cylinders
  • Hydraulic steering
  • 4 independent wheel drives to decrease the steering radius or for crabbing Optional plain track pad caterpillar tracks
  • CEMAGREF certified
  • Very spacious cab
  • Sound-proofed, ventilation, heating, air-conditioning Radio, optional mini fridge, suspension seat, steering wheel that can be adjusted for height and inclination
Fuel tank capacity
  • 220 L diesel tank
  • Average autonomy: 12 hours
  • Length: 13600mm with rock saw and reel carrier
  • Height: 3300mm to top of cab
  • Wheel base: 2800 mm
  • Width: 2950 mm
  • Carrier without tool: 22000 Kg
  • 300P with saw: 29400 Kg
Wheels and tyres
  • Standard assembly: 600 x 60 x 30.5 inflated with water at the front Possibility of mounting narrow tyres or twinned wheels for specific works Tyre tread with crampons of the semi-forestry type
  • Reinforced wheel rims with protection valve
Tool drive
  • Fully hydraulic with standard connection interface for attachment to chains, saw or vibrating ploughshare. Circuit protected by valves.
Tool attachment
  • Rigid slide for side wing
Adaptable UNAC cutting tools
  • UNAC rock saw, UNAC chain, UNAC vibrating ploughshare
  • Trench opening:
    • - from 200mm to 600mm with the saw
    • - from 300mm to 900mm with the chain
  • Trench depth:
    • - from 900 mm to 1400mm with the saw
    • - from 1000 mm to 2500 mm with the chain
  • Standard vibrating ploughshare 1400 mm in depth
Evacuation of excavated material
  • Lateral evacuation conveyor
  • Conveyor option for front loading + directional conveyor