Our values

"With state-of-the-art practices...
...because my name is on the vehicles" - Michael Unac.

UNAC, a philosophy, a commitment
When your name is on the machines, it goes without saying that you feel a strong sense of responsibility.

When a machine is manufactured, it is the entire company that commits to ensure that it is done properly and to the customer's satisfaction.

UNAC, a family business, is a company with values. These values have allowed UNAC to consistently thrive over the years, and have made it a reliable partner for its customers.

Strengthened by its excellent financial health, steadfast human resources, and a management that is in touch with its personnel, the Company established its development strategy on solid values such as:
  • A sense of commitment and responsibility
  • A sense of service that is systematic, stringent, professional and reactive
  • An on-site, full-scale, high-quality manufacturing process
  • A respect for the environment and nature
  • The desire to have employees who are involved, experienced, trained and motivated
  • A long-term partnership with its customers and suppliers
  • An enviable financial health that is above reproach.

UNAC has outlined these human values in a charter that encapsulates the company's general philosophy. It is based on these values that the company is pursuing its national and international development.

UNAC, a technology
A UNAC vehicle, regardless from which range it hails, is inevitably:
  • A robust, innovative, ergonomic and reliable vehicle
  • A vehicle that operates on the basis of hydraulics with UNAC's HYD-rev Technology, whether it is for the work tool installed on the carrier or for advancement, producing very precise and smooth movements at constant speeds, which protect the mechanical elements.
  • A vehicle that meets a specific need that can't be met by the major manufacturers, manufactured in small and medium sizes.