Production Team and Methods

UNAC is ever-growing, especially over the past 6 years. The company is making progress, and its workforce is increasing.

The management team includes the General and Financial Department, Technical Department, Sales Department, Project Management, and the Production Department.

The Research Department is at the heart of the company. To truly master the expertise necessary to design our machines, the team boasts many engineers and draughtsmen, fully trained and immersed in 3D designs.

In a day and age where companies are outsourcing as much as possible, UNAC believes in the value associated with the knowledge and experience in providing products manufactured in compliance with good trade practices. UNAC's business strategy relies on its internal production capacities. Thus, the productive portion of the company represents more than half of the workforce, spread out between boiler shops, assembly and machining activities. Boilermakers, painters, electricians, hydraulics engineers, assemblers and machinists enable UNAC to produce its vehicles from start-to-finish on site.

An entire department is dedicated to after-sales service, including the hotline, the warehouse open to the public, and the internal intervention teams.

Management, reception and administration

Senior Management, Sales Department, Production Department, Project Management, as well as the Administration Department are centrally located near the Research Department and workshops, ensuring effective internal communication.
The workshops, Technical Department, Research Department, After-Sales Service Department and spare parts warehouse are located on either side of the offices.

Research department

The Research department employs experienced people who work with the industry's most advanced design and modelling software suites, such as Autodesk Inventor 3D and Inventor Simulation or CREO for finite element analyses.
The use of these software suites demonstrate the company's sense of earnestness, reactivity and commitment, as it enables researchers to anticipate assembly problems related to designing new products or updating existing ones. In fact, with INVENTOR, the user may:

  • Directly simulate all parts and assemblies, even those that are extremely complex
  • Consecutively produce drawings, hidden lines, exploded views, and cross sections, on request
  • View all of the assemblies' physical characteristics (weight, inertia, internal and external surfaces, centre of gravity)
  • View a detailed simulation of applied stress and applied force in order to validate the suitability of selected materials and mechanical designs
  • Take advantage of the shading and rendering modules to better comprehend assemblies and communicate more effectively with customers.
The Research Department works hand-in-hand with the Technical, Electrical, and Hydraulics Departments, as well as the Project Managers and Workshop Manager.

Electrical Department

Electro-technicians and electronicians design and manage all of the electrical architecture for each piece of equipment delivered. They work in close collaboration with the assembly teams, the Technical and Research Departments, as well as their internationally reputed suppliers of controllers and other components. The micro controllers and other on-board systems are managed from within the company. The vehicles' electrical harnesses are also manufactured by UNAC's Electrical Department, which enables the company to be very reactive with its customers, since there is no dependency on subcontractors.

Hydraulics Department

The large majority of UNAC's vehicles are hydrostatic drive machines, which translates into equipment that moves very smoothly and can be controlled in proportional advancement mode. All machines delivered thus include UNAC's unique expertise, equipped most particularly with the HYD-rev hydrostatic technology.

The Hydraulics Department designs the hydraulic circuits from start-to-finish. Together with manufacturers, it co-develops custom-made solutions for the machines and supervises assembly to ensure it is carried out in compliance with good industry practices.

The hydraulic components are selected from among the range of products made by the largest manufacturers, to ensure the highest possible quality and reactivity.

Boiler Workshop

UNAC must preserve all of its expertise in order to be master and guarantor of quality. Thus, UNAC has always endeavoured to maintain a reliable team of boiler workers within the company. Having a structured and experienced Research Department that works in close proximity to and in conjunction with the boiler workshop is a win-win situation, enabling the company to fine-tune well thought out, reliable, economical, and high quality machines that are easily industrially produced.

Qualified boiler makers and welders manufacture the entire chassis and other metal parts according to strict welding methods that are in compliance with good industry practices.

Assembly workshops

The company features 2 large assembly workshops equipped with workstations that are adapted to each type of machine manufactured.

Workshop 1
Workshop for assembling machines

In this workshop, between 25 and 40 machines per year, according to the specificities of each order.
The workshop is outfitted with a working pit, a hoisting arm and travelling cranes.

Workshop 2
Workshop for assembling medium-size order machines

This workshop is reserved for assembling machines for blanket or medium-size order machines.

Machine shop

UNAC boasts the capacity to manufacture, directly on its Vergèze production site, all of the major machined parts necessary to build its machines. UNAC manufactures all of its own hydraulic cylinders.

A team of machinists work in this shop, which is equipped with:

  • Recent NC lathe
  • Traditional lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Slotting machine
  • Radial drill
  • Drill presses
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Powered saws
  • Press brake

This production equipment provides a significant amount of independence with regard to production, as well as a high quality of service and swift reactivity, all of which are valued characteristics within the context of supplying spare parts.

Large capacity paint booth

Our parts and machines are painted on-site in our workshops. This not only optimises our manufacturing process, but contributes to our ecologically-minded practices by limiting needless transportation and increases the quality of our services.

Storage areas

The company also has dedicated storage areas in close proximity to the production areas, designed to house everything needed - from sheet metal supplies to machine shop supplies and parts.
UNAC also owns another 3000m2 storage warehouse where additional raw materials are stored.