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Land softly on UNAC booth at Eurostory 2018 from 11th to 15th of June at Paris, France

UNAC will welcome you at Eurosatory 2018 exhibition at Paris, France, from 11th to 15th of June on its outside stand #B451.
This exhibition will be the exclusive opportunity to find out in World Premiere the new machine from UNAC for the French Army, high mobility and airdroppable system: the RIDER.

This exhibition will also allow to see again the machine which make UNAC notoriety in Military Engineering: the EGAME.
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UNAC won DGA tender for Rapid Intervention Droppable Equipment for Raiders - RIDER

UNAC won the DGA tender for delivery of 300 AIRDROPPABLE ULTRAMOBILE SYSTEMS, the UNAC RIDER - Rapid Intervention Droppable Equipment for Raiders.

DGA (French Army) chose UNAC company thanks to its great experience in Military Engineering, Mobility and Aeromobility, highlighted by EGAME and TNA machines, and for its technical proposal that answered to French Army needs.
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UNAC will be at Sommet Forêt & Bois 2017 at Clermont-ferrand, France

UNAC will be at the Sommet de la Forêt & Bois, from 28th to 30th, 2017 at Clermont-ferrand, France, to present the last generation of forestry machines:
- The road-rail mulching machine UNAC 300RR², specially designed for railway environment issues, where access is difficult, in road beds, in trenches and on slopes straight from the track.
- The forestry UNAC 160C² track machine, a condensed of performance and technology to massively improve productivity and work accessibility in the hardest zone.

To know more about the new machine, ask you Forexpo Pass and take a personal meeting.
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UNAC proposes now its new railway trailer UNAC 15TRT

With proven experience in railways, and thanks to the customer's feedbacks about work methods and processes, UNAC company proposes today a higi capacity railway trailer, the UNAC 15TRT, able to optimize the organization of railway works, and most of all to be autonomous with a only road-rail excavator UNAC 22TRR.

The new railway trailer of UNAC adapts to all generation of UNAC 22TRR. It is also and most of all the biggest railway trailer on the market approved on SNCF and French network, with 12 750 kg of payload, to transport high quantities of materials and equipment needed on sites.

Discover more by going to dedicated webpage et by contacting UNAC Commercial Team.

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UNAC thanks the visitors who came to discover the new UNAC 160C² caterpillar machine

UNAC company was glad to receive you on its FOREXPO 2016 stand in order to present you its very new UNAC 160C² caterpillar machine.
UNAC proposes to make on-site demonstrations of its caterpillar marchine. UNAC invites you to contact the commercial team to know more about the product and the demonstration proposal.

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UNAC will be at the European forestry fair FOREXPO2016 at Mimizan, France

The European forestry fair FOREXPO 2016 from the 15th to 17th of June at Mimizan, France, will be the stage of the come back of UNAC company in forestry. On its stand, UNAC will present in exclusivity its New 160C² Caterpillar Machine.

After 15 years of successful experience in forest grinding and ground clearing, the new model UNAC 160C² is a condensed of performance and technology to massively improve productivity and work accessibility in the hardest zone. This new machine has kept all the qualities of the previous version such as its sturdiness and pocket-sized.

The New UNAC 160C² has taken advantage of all UNAC expertize acquired in the other markets during 15 years to be more performant:

  • Compact machine and small size for a allroad mobility, mixing manoeuvrability and robutness, with an optimum strability thanks to its lowered centre of gravity

  • Optimal hydraulic network, until 100% of hydraulic power to the tool
  • Caterpillar tracks sized to maximize impact resistance, and equipped withflat shoes double edge for a better manoeuvrability and a low floor marking
  • Robust machine designed for forest work with reinforced armouring above the frame and unclettered design. No component exhibited to the environment for a maimum life duration
  • Operator interface enabling direct display of all motor and hydraulic parameters

To know more about the new machine, ask you Forexpo Pass and take a personal meeting.
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Second air drop test passed by the TNA

In the qualification process to be used in OPEX (External Operations), the TNA of the UNAC company passed the second test.
The air drop took place at the beginning of February, and the landing was a success.

The last adjustements will be made by UNAC and controlled by the DGA TA before the last air drop in the middle of the 2016. After the last air drop test, the TNA could be used for External Operations.

Click on the photo to go to the video presentation of the TNA of Unac, made by French Land Army (only in French).
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The two UNAC 20TRR road-rail excavators rightly delivered to the S.I.M.M.T.

The two UNAC 20TRR road-rail excavators ordered by the S.I.M.M.T. have been delivered as expected mid-September and are already on works.

On Avor construction site, the UNAC road-rail excavators will fit the railway building section of the 19th RG and allow it to make all the works with efficacity thanks to multi-functions and robust UNAC road-rail excavators.
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The first UNAC 160C² caterpillar tracks military machine delivered to the S.I.M.M.T.

The first on 9 machines ordered by the S.I.M.M.T. from UNAC has been rightly delivered in July, as scheduled.
On Fontevraud site (Maine-et-Loire), the new operators who where trained are very happy about the training session and the new caterpillar tracks machine they will use, and which will permit to improve camp maintenance thanks to the capacities of the UNAC 160C² caterpillar tracks forestry machine. The next deliveries will be made in September.


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The TNA sucess its first air droppable test!

Friday the 3rd July was a big day for UNAC. Indeed, on Fonsorbes site property of the DGA, the TNA passed its first air droppable test.
The collaboration between the DGA and UNAC allows to accelerate the TNA project and to continue the qualification campaign before the operational commissioning.
Click on the photo to see the air droppable test of the TNA.

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