Directed by the Michael UNAC, UNAC SAS' headquarters are in VERGEZE, between MONTPELLIER and NÎMES in Southern France.

Historic worldwide specialist for more than 40 years in conception and realisation of trenchers for the installation of underground networks, UNAC have taken their experience and applied it in manufacturing small and medium sized mobile hydrostatic power transmission vehicles in the road-rail, military, forestry and snow-removal fields.

Originally founded in 1943, UNAC is directed today by Michael Unac, a descendant from a long line of entrepreneurs. Michael Unac, took up the family torch with the same passion that the past 2 generations displayed; each one used their creativity, desire and work ethic from manufacturing agricultural trailers to designing specialized machines on the cutting-edge of technology to make UNAC an undeniable player in promising sectors such as integrated underground conduit installation systems or dual-purpose road-rail machines, as well as state-of-the-art military dozers.

To the contrary of capitalistic multinational companies, UNAC bases its development on the most fundamental of human values: creativity, user-friendliness, listening, expertise, feedback, and customer service.

Current manufacturing trends are pushing manufacturers to become assemblers. UNAC decided to preserve their extensive expertise that covers all stages of production, from boiler and sheet metal works to electricity, including machining of parts. A UNAC carrier is therefore a home-made solution, crafted with care, which only those who see the product created from start to finish can provide.

The company has internal values that are tried and true, which always enable them to meet their customers' needs. The value of UNAC products is the result of capitalizing on expertise.