Snow removal

The X-TREM is a very powerful and light hydrostatic snow removal engine that comes equipped with an anti-skid system that enables it to move over snow and provide the power needed to the blower and turbine.

The X-TREM datasheet

pdf The UNAC XTREM datasheet


The X-TREM features high technological value added. The vehicle was designed by UNAC in collaboration with POCLAIN HYDRAULIQUE for the transmission on tyres.
It is an extremely powerful 520 hp machine, equipped with UNAC's hydrostatic HYD-rev technology; its wheels are driven by 4-cylinder hydraulic motors. The vehicle's maximum speed is 40 km/h. It features a control console where the power distribution between the tool and drive can be adjusted. The anti-skid function can also be regulated by the driver, with the choice between two different reaction times. UNAC's X-TREM also features a cruise control (speed regulation) system for travelling at constant speeds, appropriate for the type of snow that it is handling.


  • The X-TREM is equipped with a cab that can be raised for an optimal and unobstructed view of the snow removal zone, the tool, the direction the snow is being evacuated as well as the loading/discharge zone.
  • The machine is ultra-powerful, enabling it to operate at very high altitudes.
  • It features UNAC's HYD-rev Technology, ensuring smooth gear shifting.
  • The vehicle has a narrow footprint, enabling it to be used on narrow streets and roads.
  • Its design is appealing and sophisticated, giving it a fresh and modern look.
  • Any brand of blower/turbine or other snow removal tools can be adapted to fit.

Photos of the X-TREM

Technical Data

  • CATERPILLAR turbocharged aspirated diesel engine
  • Power 520 CV / 388 kW Maximum RPM 2,200 rpm
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Fully hydrostatic transmission with hydraulic motors in the wheels
  • Intelligent anti-skid system
  • Automatic gear changes up to 40 km/h
  • Cruise control (speed regulator) for advancing in work mode
  • 2 gear series - work and transport
  • Carrier structure in U-shaped stainless steel with high elasticity
  • Mechanically welded unit
  • Chassis mounted on spring plates
  • 5 hydraulic pumps with variable flow rate.
  • 350 L tank + 200 L circuit
Drive axles
  • Drive axles manufactured specifically to carry the wheel motors.
  • Integrated steering cylinders
  • Hydraulic direction
  • 3 direction modes: power-steering in the front 2 wheels or coordinated 4-wheel drive to decrease the steering radius
  • 4 wheels for a crablike movement
  • Dynamic foot brake on the front motors
  • Safety hydraulic braking via an accumulator
  • Parking brake with oil bath pads on all 4 wheels with low pressure cut-off valve system
  • Cab with panoramic windscreen and heated glass
  • Sound-proofed, mounted on silent blocks
  • Ventilation, heating, air-conditioning optional
  • 2 RECCARO suspension bucket seats, adjustable for the driver's weight
  • Steering wheel adjustable for height and inclination
  • Electronic dashboard VDO instrument panel
  • Front and back windscreen wipers
  • Temperature controls and alarms
Fuel tank capacity
  • Diesel fuel tank 420 litres.
  • Autonomy 12 hours
Standard dimensions with tool
  • Length: 4.70m
  • Height: 3m
  • Wheel base: 2.80m
  • Width: 2.15m
  • Weight: 7,500 kg with full tanks
  • Overall weight: 11,000 kg
Wheels and tyres
  • Standard proposed size: 420/65/24 NOKIAN-type snow tyres
  • Tyre stud profile Passage of chains included
Tool drive
  • Fully hydraulic
  • A variable flow pump is specific to the turbine
  • Another variable flow pump is specific to the mixers
  • Circuit filtered and protected by valves