The X6 performs, straight from the railroad tracks, any necessary lifting of employees for the installation of wire systems or for the maintenance of the railway overhead line system.

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The X6 is an all-terrain self-propelled road-rail vehicle with hydrostatic drive. In all-terrain mode, the vehicle can move in any direction, as its wheels can be turned anywhere from -30° to 90°. It has a powerful coupling system, as well as low pressure pneumatic wheels with an oscillating axle that enables it to access to the tracks at any place. On tracks, the X6 can move at a speed of up to 23 km/h thanks to its direct railway hydrostatic drive.

The X6 can carry up to 3 people and some equipment. For safely lifting employees, the X6 is equipped with:

  • A scissor-lift platform for 2 people that can access central set points at a height of up to 10 m from the tracks,
  • A telescopic lifting platform built so that an operator can cover the entire work zone that is necessary in order to access set points that are up to 5 m from the centre of the track and up to 12 m high over the rails,
  • An equipotentiality telescopic mast to ensure that wires have been grounded before operators begin to work on the cables.


  • Allows access to all the set points in the overhead catenary system, going even higher than the poles and enabling operators to go up and easily fix the parallel return wire, cantilevers, isolators, feeders, etc.
  • The X6’s platforms can be lifted and lowered very quickly, reducing the time it takes to make a round trip where tools and parts are exchanged.
  • The telescopic lifting platform can be lowered down to 30 cm from the ground in order to facilitate loading material such as counterweights or droppers, with some employees standing on the tracks.
  • It saves time at worksites thanks to its ability to set on and off tracks in only two minutes. It therefore allows another heavy work machine to go by without having to use a road rail crossing. It also allows operators to work as soon as a track’s traffic has been cut off up until the last authorised moment.
  • It allows the scissor platform’s operators to work face to face with the telescopic platform’s operator during dropper adjustments or individually with the telescopic platform’s operator operating the cantilevers.
  • It shows exceptional capacity to overcome ballast or other embankments thanks to its low pressure pneumatic wheels that are each driven by a high torque hydraulic motor and thanks to its oscillating axle which easily adapts to any terrain.
  • While in all-terrain mode, the vehicle is controlled by a radio control that is then plugged on to the master elevator in order to be able to control it while on rails.
  • The scissor platform includes a lateral railing that follows the wires’ zig-zagging layout. The X6 offers its employees ergonomic work positions for more efficiency, less fatigue, and more safety.
  • It is a very safe system that only authorises work on the “Field” side, therefore freeing up an adjacent track that would be open for traffic.
  • Approved for circulation on the French network.


Technical Data

  • 4-cylinder diesel, CATERPILLAR C2.2
  • Gross horsepower 45 kW / 61 hp at 2,800 rpm.
Road drive
  • Hydrostatic, 2 speed transmission
  • 4 driving wheels and 4 steering wheels
  • Speed: from 0 to 5 km/h
  • Front oscillating axle
  • Pneumatic wheels lifted by cylinders, synchronised front wheels, synchronised back wheels.
  • Hydraulic steering on 4 steering wheels that can be turned from -30° to +90°, per cylinder
  • Steering radius: the X6 can turn on itself.
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Standard assembly with studded low-pressure 425/55R17 tyres.
Rail Transmission
  • Hydraulic, 4 wheel drive
  • Motor on each wheel: POCLAIN with variable displacement capacity
  • Diameter of the rail wheels: 595mm
  • Speed: From 0 to 23 km/h on 1,435 mm track gauge, from 0 to 5 km/h when any elevators up
  • Authorised cant: 180 mm
  • Maximum slope: 3.5%.
Hydraulic Circuit
  • Three pumps in line and one pump on PTO
  • Hydraulic tank: 140L, 250L circuit.
Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Fuel tank: 120L
  • Average autonomy: 20 hours, depending on the type of project.
Braking on Railroad
The hydraulic motors for the rail wheels are equipped with positive action brake discs. The brakes are activated when contact is lost or when the emergency stop is used. A PLC controls the deceleration ramp of the rail wheel’s motors in order to ensure progressive braking in hydrostatic mode.

Scissor platform:

  • Dimensions (L x W): 2,000 x 800 mm
  • Capacity: 2 people and tools or 250 daN
  • Maximum lifting height measured from the top of the rail to the floor: 8.20 m
  • Maximum lateral offset for the platform’s railing: 485 mm

Telescopic platform:

  • Dimensions (L x W): 800 x 650 mm
  • Capacity: 1 person and tools or 180 daN
  • Maximum lifting height measured from the top of the rail to the floor: 10.20 m
  • Basket’s maximum lateral offset: 4.70 m
  • Rotation of the telescopic platform’s turret: +/- 105°
Machine Status Screen

At the lower station, there is a screen that displays the real time machine’s status:  fuel level, engine speed, oil temperature, etc.
The screen also helps to troubleshoot the machine thanks to the displayed information of the PLC inputs/outputs status.


Overall dimensions for transportation on heavy equipment transport (L x W x H): 4,800 x 2,530 x 3,095 mm.


9,000 kg, full tanks.