UNAC X3 Crane

The X3-g is a light self-propelled road-rail vehicle designed to improve worksite logistics by handling loads intended for track works, whether they are railway components or work machines.


pdf UNAC X3g Crane


The X3-g comes with a highway trailer for road trips directly between the workshop and worksite. The system can be unloaded nearby and then moved to the track in all-terrain mode. The vehicle can be quickly set on the tracks thanks to the wheels’ centre-to-centre distance that has been designed to stop once it is on the track with its wheels lined up on the rails and directly lowered on. It can move at a speed of up to 18 km/h on tracks when its crane is completely brought in. The X3-g has a crane that can lift up to 740 kg at a height of up to 3 m from the centre of the track.


  • It comes with its own trailer for easy road transportation (set smaller than 3,5T).
  • It uses a very secure and ergonomic system, which satisfies the most stringent lifting and railway standards (contact wires, adjacent track open to traffic, etc.).
  • The operator controls the crane from a sheltered seated station that has direct view of the load.
  • It has a loading platform that can carry material while travelling on rails up to their unloading place.
  • It can pick up loads at a distance of up to 4 m from the centre of the track and lift them to a height of up to 7,60 m.
  • It optimises worksite logistics thanks to its ability to set on and off rails in only one minute, which allows it to get off tracks to let other heavy work machines go by without having to use a road rail crossing. It also allows operators to work as soon as a track’s traffic has been cut off up until the last authorized moment.
  • It uses low pressure tyres, high torque driven, and it has large free space under the vehicle frame to enable it to easily get over any obstacles that may stand in its path to the rails.
  • It has an anti-infringing mechanism for the adjacent track for use during the process of setting onto the track.
  • There are already over 30 X3 machines in service in Europe.


Technical Data

  • Self-propelled machine intended for carrying material on rails
  • Machine transported on a 3,5 tonne trailer (supplied)
  • The machine fits onto most of the railway gauges
  • Mass of the machine without the trailer: 2 700 kg
  • Engine power: 30 hp Diesel CATERPILLAR
  • Autonomy: 20 hours of work.
On Roads, in All-Terrain Mode
  • 2 steering wheels
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Moving the machine on tyres: from 0 to 5,7 km/h
  • Low pressure tyres.
On Rails
  • Rail wheels driven by hydraulic motors with integrated brakes
  • Machine equipped with a dead-stop brake within the operator’s reach in his driving station, capable of preventing any movement of the machine when parked, on a track with a slope of 40‰
  • Machine travels at 18 km/h. Two gear ranges with safety (travel and work)
  • Maximum cant accepted: 180 mm
  • Track gauge: 1 435 mm or more, possible double gauge.
Setting on/off the track
  • Setting on the track assisted with semi-flexible ramps so as not to alter the ballast
  • A mechanical stop prevents the machine from infringing the railway gauge on the opposite track side
  • On road status is obtained by remote control. No operator is inside the machine’s cab during the setting on/off operation.
  • Proportional distributor with bilateral control station
  • Hydraulic moment limiter for automatic control of loading conditions and of the X3-g’s stability.
  • Torque: 4 kN.m
Dimensions on Trailer
  • Height: 3 030 mm
  • Width: 2 425 mm
  • Length: 3 300 mm
Dimensions on Rails
  • Height: 2 800 mm
  • Width: 2 950 mm
  • Length: 2 600 mm
Dimensions on Roads – All Terrain
  • Height: 2 645 mm
  • Width: 2 425 mm
  • Length: 2 950 mm