Road-rail mulching vehicle UNAC 300RR²

The 300RR² permits to achieve mulching of sides of railroads directly from the rail tracks.
It uses its great range to effectively mulch around rails, in road beds, in trenches and on slopes straight from the track.

UNAC 300RR² movie


The UNAC 300RR² is a self-propelled hy-rail machine, with full hydrostatic drive. Present on the market since early 2000s, this

new generation has been elaborated in a simple way: keep the best, change the rest.
The key words of this machine: Safety,
Customer oriented, Man/machine interactivity, Reliability, Easy maintenance, Cost efficiency.

The vehicle is composed with:

  • Chassis dimensioned by finite elements modelling and made from high-strength steel
  • Ergonomic and comfortable operator station, offering an high visibility, pivoting from 0 to 100° and complying with ROPS/FOPS/OPS certification
  • 100% UNAC design for the arm, using the same steels as for our military project, equipped with a free-rotation head and offering a great working area in mound or track shoulder
  • Very intuitive and interactive command system for a very high safety level
  • Caterpillar engine, fuel-saving, reliable and eco-friendly (Stage IIIb)
  • Well-design hydraulic circuit, producing high power for the tool, without impacting the other functions
  • 2 steering road axles, ultra rugged
  • 2 HD-FR rail axles, lifted by an unique and central cylinder
  • Movements control system for the arm when working under catenaries
  • Performing light mulching and pruning tool.


  • Improved safety for the operator thanks to ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified cab
  • Advanced and reliable electronic control system (SIL2)
  • HD-FR rail axles, proven from our roadrail excavator 22TRR. The relative loadshedding is under 20%, the 300RR² is the only machine on the market able to match this,
  • Progressive acceleration and deceleration ramp to avoid losing grip,
  • Brake by absence of pressure, ensuring safety in all conditions
  • 4 dedicated hydraulic circuits to limit hydraulic and mechanical constraints, especially on the arm
  • Arm made with high-strength steel, with an implantation of hoses avoiding stripping and punctures
  • Unique screen to control and manage all parameters and diagnostic the machine,
  • LED lights for high visibility on the working area
  • Ergonomic and comfort of the operator station allowing long working shift in the best conditions
  • High visibility on working area: large glazed surfaces, 0 to 100° rotation of the cab, rearview camera,
  • Average autonomy of 22 hours
  • Maintainability thought at the beginning of the project to simplify and

limit the number of operations, leading to cost efficiency.


Technical Data

  • CATERPILLAR turbocharged aspirated diesel engine
  • Power 1750 hp/129kW. Max. speed 2200 rpm
Road Drive
  • 2-speed hydraulic system, 4 steering and driving wheels
  • Work speed: from 0 to 12 km/h
  • Travel speed: from 0 to 25 km/h
Rail Drive
  • 2-speed hydraulic system, 4 wheel drive
  • Work speed: from 0 to 6 km/h
  • Travel speed: from 0 to 23 km/h
  • Fully hydrostatic drive and power
  • 4 hydraulic pumps, including 3 with variable flow rate
  • Large-sized 400-litre tank to increase cooling capacity
  • 100-litre circuit
Road drive axles
  • Drive axles with 32 T load. Front and back drive axles with integrated steering cylinders
  • No visible brake flex.
Steering on road
  • Hydraulic steering
  • 4 independent wheel drives to decrease the steering radius or for crabbing
  • Road: the drive axles are equipped with a disk brake for each wheel, with positive action. The brakes are activated as soon as no translation is asked.
  • Rail: The hydraulic motors for the rail axles are equipped with positive action discs. The brakes are activated as soon as no translation is asked. A configurable PLC manages the acceleration and deceleration gradient of the rail axle motors.
  • Soundproof, ventilation, heating, air-conditioning
  • Suspension seat that is adjustable to the driver’s weight
  • Steering wheel adjustable for height and inclination
  • Electronic dashboard
  • Cab can swivel up to 100° for full visibility of the work zone.
Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 210-litre diesel tank
  • Average autonomy: 22 hours.
Dimensions with Standard Arm
  • On rails: Length: 8,24 m Height: 3,80 m Wheel base: 5,60 m Width: 2,50 m
  • On roads: Length: 8,17 m Height: 3,10 m Wheel base: 2,90 m Width: 2,50 m
  • Overall weight: 19,600 kg
Wheels and Tyres
  • Standard assembly on dual wheels
  • Worksite-type tyres with a 7,500 kg load capacity each: 10.00-20.
Tool Arm
  • Max. arm rotation angle = 90°
  • Max. range with 650 kg tool = 8.5 m
  • Max. tool rotation angle = 360°
Drive for the Tool and Arm
  • One pump is dedicated to power the mulching head
  • Another pump is used to move the arm – proportional management
  • Recommended tool mass: 650 kg max.
  • Mulching head to be defined when ordering.