Road & Rail

UNAC - A guarantee of renowned road-rail expertise - More than 10 years of success

UNAC has manufactured specialized vehicles for nearly 20 years, be it for public works applications with its trenchers, forestry applications with its mulching machines, or in military applications. At the turn of the millennium, UNAC launched its first hydrostatic drive R/R system, and has since produced more than 100 road-rail vehicles, with utmost compliance of French and European rail standards such as EN 15746 1 and 2, NF 58 002, NF 58 003 and NF 58 051.

Through the course of various developments for rail applications, UNAC designed a specialized range of wheels, rail axles and bogies that are hydraulic drive by rail wheel / rail contact only.

UNAC's primary rail-drive concepts are listed below; more are currently under development.

The UNAC-HDX version offers individually motorized fixed wheels. This technology is used predominantly on our R/R Unimog machines, and on our new X6 road-rail lifting machine.

The UNAC-HDFR version is generally used on 300RR mulching machines. This type of rail system was specifically developed to allow back-and-forth movement on the tracks, without having to systematically trigger the PAULVE-type pedals and sensors.

The UNAC-HDTP model is the one featured on 22TRR excavators. It consists of a carefully fine-tuned concept and robust design that enables travel over severely twisted tracks. This unique axle is designed to hold an engine that was specially designed in collaboration with Poclain Hydraulics.

The UNAC-HDXL version is composed of individually motorized wheels. This design is currently used most notably on our X3 road-rail lifting machines. It enables the rail wheels to be raised to ensure minimal obstruction.