UNIMOG RR Road-Rail Truck

The UNIMOG RR road-rail truck is a multi-purpose vehicle that is ideal for rail work site logistics. It ensures swift interventions from the workshop to the track. The self-propelled road-rail truck is used as an intervention vehicle for aluminothermic welding on the track, grinding, or as a workshop vehicle in the event of a derailment or breakdown, for example.

The road-rail vehicle can also be equipped with various superstructures, whether it be material storage compartments, cranes with loading platforms, specialized tools, or even aerial baskets.

The UNIMOG RR datasheet



The UNIMOG RR is composed of a standard 4x4 Mercedes truck, to which the following transformations are made:

  • Addition of rail wheels for complete hydrostatic drive
  • Addition of rail wheel lifting systems
  • Addition of adapted hydraulic pumps mounted on the vehicle's PTO
  • Addition of the superstructure custom-designed to meet the customer's needs
  • Addition of backup cameras and monitors in the cab
  • Addition of specific rail controls in the cab and in the superstructure if necessary

Each rail wheel is composed of a reinforced steel tube directly connected to the lifting arm, equipped on each end with rail wheels, all driven in direct contact by hydraulic motors.
The vehicle's superstructure is designed according to the customer's needs and acceptable load distribution for the system in terms of stability and wheel load.


  • Very reliable vehicle in addition to an excellent after-sales service network and good availability of spare parts.
  • Narrow vehicle for improved travel near platforms, such as in tramway projects.
  • It uses a very secure and ergonomic system, which satisfies the most stringent railway standards (adjacent track open to traffic, etc.).
  • It can be equipped with measuring systems to inspect the wire system set-up, crosspieces, and other rail components.

UNIMOG RR photos

Technical Data

  • Mercedes UNIMOG U300
  • 177 hp at 2200 rpm, 4 in-line cylinder engine
  • Emission level: EURO 5
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel tank: 230 L
  • Average autonomy: 17 hours of work
  • Road speed: 90 km/h
  • Gear-shift lever: 8 or 16 speeds in forward motion, 6 or 12 speeds in reverse
  • Panoramic cab, air conditioning, full-comfort seat
  • Tyres: 365 / 80 R 20 Michelin
  • Superstructure as needed: crane, compartment, lifting platform, etc.

  • 1 pump for the propulsion and 1 pump for the accessories
  • Hydraulic tank: 115 L
Rail mode
  • Driving station: 1 in cab, 1 in compartment or rear station
  • Iron wheels driven by hydraulic motors with integrated brakes
  • Machine equipped with a dead-stop brake, liable to prevent any movement of the machine when parked, on a route with a slope of 40°.
  • Machine travels at 30 km/h in forward motion, 5 km/h in reverse or work mode
  • Maximum tilt accepted: 180mm
  • Track gauge: 1,435mm or more, possible double gauge.
  • Highest floor height in rail position: 1.60m
Setting on/off of the track
  • Setting on or off the track at service platforms or railway crossings