The TNA is an air droppable (by parachute), super-compact machine on caterpillar tracks. It ensures the following missions
  • Preparation and improvement of airport platforms (levelling, snow-removal, deforestation, mulching, etc.) to allow air plane landing and take-off
  • The opening and basic landscaping of access routes
  • Removal of obstacles on the runway or approaches
  • Creation or restoration of lanes for recovering loads
  • Participation in basic protection of forces (slopes and shooting or surveillance locations).



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The TNA is a compact 6.5 tonne bulldozer that can be equipped with a backhoe on the front and a ripper on the back.
The chassis is made of high elasticity steel. The chassis composition is completely optimised. The high-resistance aluminium alloy is used to obtain very high weight/resistance ratios. The chassis holds the caterpillar tracks, engine, tanks and cab.

The cab is made mobile by cylinders, which also enables it to be placed in an ultra-compact transport and parachute position. The cab is ROPS/FOPS certified. It is equipped with removable armour that meets the STANAG 4569 level 2 standard, as well as anti-mine armour standards.


  • Track drive transmission with one dedicated pump per track
  • Above average weight/power ratio with a 100 cv CATERPILLAR engine for 6.5t
  • Multi-purpose use with its multi-use blade (lifting, strip and overturning), ripper teeth and backhoe
  • Mobility with speeds up to 11 km/h
  • Its strategic transport capabilities on very short notice, due to its ability to be transported in various types of aeroplanes.
  • Its ability to be air-dropped from C130s, C160s and A4000Ms
  • Its ability to be transported on C130s, C160s and A4000Ms
  • Its ability to be transported on NATO heavy helicopters such as the CH47 or CH53
  • The cab that can be lowered to optimise its envelope when launched
  • Integration of high-tech materials that optimise its weight and offer extreme resistance of up to 50 Gs of force on landing.
  • Option of including a PR4G radio station
  • Includes a NATO intervehicle socket
  • Armour is removable to return to civil mode or for work in no-risk areas
  • Armour can be assembled/dismantled in only an hour
  • The carrier has an integrated armour storage compartment so that the machine can transport it independently.


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Technical Data

General characteristics
  • Weight of the machine: 6.5 tonnes
  • Weight of the machine in air-droppable configuration: 8 tonnes
  • Length: 5.47m
  • Width: 2.20m
  • Ground clearance: 270mm
  • Height: 2.38m
  • Maximum speed 11 km/h
  • Model CATERPILLAR C4.4
  • Power: 100 hp


  • 2 propulsion pumps
  • 2 propulsion motors
  • 1 tool pump
  • 2 work speeds
Blade characteristics
  • Width of the blade: 2.55m
  • Height of the blade: 850mm
  • Maximum lifting height: 900mm
  • Depth of ploughing: 350mm
  • Maximum stripping angle: 20°
  • Maximum overturning angle: 15°
  • Float function
Backhoe characteristics
  • Depth of ploughing: 3m
  • Quick connect
  • Supplied with dumper, grading and ditching buckets
  • BRH
  • Rock breaker tooth
Ripper characteristics
  • Number of teeth: 3
  • Gap between exterior teeth 1880mm
  • Depth of ploughing: 350 mm
Armour kit
  • Number of teeth: 3
  • Gap between exterior teeth 1880mm
  • Depth of ploughing: 350 mm