The Rapid Intervention Droppable Equipment for Raiders (RIDER) is a vehicle with a high projection capacity by air vector (air-transportable, air-droppable and helitransportable) with high intrinsic mobility and logistics consisting of a robust and compact vehicle and a large capacity trailer. It ensures the following missions:
• Lightening the fighter landed on all the zones of action, ensuring his support as close as possible to the zones of engagement on grounds previously inaccessible by vehicles,
• Self-defense of deployment areas,
• Support for the rapid deployment of limited air infiltration capability,
• Participation in a rapid field grab or military raids,
• Assistance in the rapid deployment of tactical additional support and command capabilities,
• Deployment of local logistical support and assistance to the emergency repairs,
• Rapid evacuation of an injured person to a safe area with medical care.


The RIDER is a lightweight tactical and compact vehicle for the transport of
materials, supplies and fighters, as close as possible to the engagement zones. The vehicle incorporates a front axle composed of a double wishbone suspension to respond to significant off-road travel and a rear train consisting of trailing arms allowing excellent takeover of mechanical stress. The RIDER, equipped with interwheel differentials and interlockable
axle is propelled by a custom kinematic chain meeting the technical requirements of mobility and crossing. The cockpit is equipped with a protective hoop, fixed on a one-piece tubular steel welded frame.
The vehicle offers a precise and secure layout of the cockpit for driver and vehicle commander. The RIDER is set with two supports for weapon and their ammunition.
The trailer has a large loading platform, fold-down sides and four lashing and stowing rings.


  • Robust and easy to use allowing easy support and reduced maintenance operations.
  • Large ground mobility. Continuous and smooth speed variation.
  • Very short turning radius.
  • High crossing capacity at full load thanks to its excellent «total mass / engine power» ratio, the independent locking of each wheel and its engine braking system, notably allowing the crossing of steps, ditches, cant, low walls, fords.
  • Ratio «carport / vehicle dimensions» very important, allowing to transport heavy loads relative to its mass.
  • Different driving modes for all surrounding configurations: track / road mode, obstacle-crossing, soft ground.
  • Simple and robust vehicle without electronic module.



  • Unladen weight : 1 000 kg
  • Maximum weight : 1 900 kg
  • Length: 2 600 mm
  • Width: 1 600 mm
  • Height: 1 900 mm
  • Ground clearance: 300 mm
  • Model: KOHLER KDW1404 Tiers III
  • Pollution standard: STAGE 3A
  • Stroke : 1 372 cm3, 4 cylinders
  • Power : 35 ch, 26 kW
  • Max engine speed : 3 600 tr/min
  • Tyre profile type : 4x4 «All Terrain» or «Mud Terrain»
  • Dimensions : 215/75R15
  • Closed hydraulic circuit
  • Max pressure : 450 bar
  • Hydraulic pump with hydraulic automotive control
  • Transfer case with 2 interlocking gears
  • Axles with lockable differential
  • Unladen weight : 200 kg
  • Maximum weight : 550 kg
  • Length : 2 500 mm
  • Width : 1 550 mm
  • Height of trailer bed : 600 mm
  • Ground clearance : 325 mm
  • Fold-down sides
  • Air-transportable
  • Air-droppable
  • Helitransportable
  • Winch with textile cable 1.8 t
  • Radio support
  • 2 Weapon supports