Mulching machine 200NF

The 200NF is a 200hp mulching machine on tyres. It's three drive mode system allows it to easily move, whatever is the type of field. It's really well known in the forest industry for its off road capacities, its robustness, its easy drive and simplicity of use and maintenance.


The 200NF has a 9t weight in use conditions, without the tool. Its optimized size confers it an high capacity to move in undergrowth without being disturbed by the vegetation.
UNAC  has known to capitalize on its know-how to propose a reliable machine, well adapted and powerfull, with an hydrostatic drive which allow smooth and controlled moves, avoid mechanical breakdown on parts like cardans. Thus, the 200NF is motorized with a 180hp Caterpillar diesel engine and a SAUER 75cm3 pump. Thanks to its exclusiv UNAC system with  hydraulic limiter valves, the machine always keep enought engine power, which is the reason of its high reactivity in use.


  • Smooth and controlled moves, thanks to the hydrostatic technology, avoiding much of the mechanical breakdown.
  • 80%  of the hydraulic power can be directed to the tool, allowing a maximum efficiency while in mulching work.
  • the 200NF is equipped with specific axles, based on a very demanding specifications, coming from our users experience. Front axle with differential lock, no-spin rear axle with limited sliding.
  • Equipped with NOKIAN Forest profile tyres, real strong.
  • An optimized ditribution of the machine load, thanks to a CAD, offers it a maximum stability and off-road capacities on over 45° slopes.
  • Three drive mode are available: Front axle steer, Front/rear axlesteer and "crab" drive. It preserve an high mobility, whatever is the position or the type of work field or the vegetation density.
  • ROPS and FOPS approved cab with a 360° view thanks to Lexan-Margard glasses, reinforced on the sides.
  • Underbase protection thanks to  an integral low shield, according to the high constraints of forest industry.
  • Easy use and intuitiv command system. the tool is directed by an unique joystick on the driver's right hand.
  • Comfortable cab, heated and A/C cooled.
  • Powerfull working lights for night work.


Technical Data

  • CATERPILLAR turbocharged aspirated diesel engine
  • Power 180 CV / 133 kW Maximum RPM 2,200 rpm
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Automatic 2-speed hydraulic gear system Type Pressure Control Override
  • Work speed: 0 to 15 km/h
  • Road speed: 0 to 25 km/h
  • Carrier structure with boxed stainless steel side rails
  • Mechanically welded unit
  • 4 hydraulic pumps, including 2 with variable flow rate
  • 450 L tank + 150 L circuit
  • Air flow inversion system for cleaning the air-water-oil radiator
Drive axles
  • Forward drive axle with locking differential, with integrated steering cylinders
  • 32t load
  • Self-locking back drive axle
  • Hydraulic direction
  • 3 direction modes:

- 2 front wheel drive
- Coordinated 4 wheel drive to decrease steering radius
- 4 wheel drive for crabbing

  • Brake with oil bath pads on all 4 wheels with low pressure cut-off valve system
  • No visible brake flex
  • 22 T ROPS/FOPS certified
  • Sound-proofed, mounted on silent blocks
  • Ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, de-icing
  • Suspension seat adjustable for driver’s weight
  • Steering wheel adjustable for height and inclination
  • Electronic dashboard VDO instrument panel
  • Front and back windscreen wipers
  • Temperature controls and alarms
Fuel tank capacity
  • Diesel fuel tank: 245 L
  • Average autonomy: 16 hours
Standard dimensions
  • Length: 4.43m
  • Width: 2.42m
  • Height: 3.07m
  • Wheel base: 2.51m
  • 7750 kg with full tanks
  • Overall weight: 9800 kg
Wheels and tyres
  • Two sizes proposed: 600/55/26.5 or 500/60/26.5 double steel belt 22 tyre ply type of tyres
  • Forester profile
  • Reinforced wheel rims with protection valve
Tool drive
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Driven by a variable flow rate pump Plan for hydraulic motors on the crusher
  • Standard max. flow rate for the tool: 165 L/min
  • Optional max. flow rate: 220 L/min
  • Max. pressure 350 bars
  • Circuit filtered and protected by valves
Tool attachment
  • Rigid unit of the 3-point type, reinforced by standard spacing
  • Max. tool weight recommended: 2,800 kg
  • Winch
  • Swivelling and oscillating blade
  • Simple blade