Forestry & Clearing

UNAC - a guarantee of renowned forestry expertise - 15 years of success


UNAC has manufactured specialized carriers for nearly 20 years, be it for public works applications with its trenchers, military applications with its landscaping or disembarking machines, or in rail applications.

In 1998, the company launched its forestry mulching machines on the market, producing the first 160 hp mulching machine on caterpillar tracks, which featured UNAC's HYD-rev hydrostatic power technology. This successful endeavour would make UNAC a benchmark among manufacturers, as its hydrostatic technology:

  • Increased crusher output by channelling all of the power either to the tool or to propulsion, as needed
  • Increased the machine's robustness and reliability by limiting the number of universal-type mechanical transmission parts by "encasing" the mechanical shocks inherent to crushing
  • Decreased fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the motor driven at a constant speed.

Today, UNAC offers an expanded range of products featuring tyre carriers and the NF line, ranging from 200 hp to 400 hp.