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UNAC is now a GICAT member

GICAT accepted to integrate UNAC into the association of French industries for land defence and security industry. This association is in charge of important tasks, such as supporting French industry interests, proposing innovative solutions to improve safety and defence, and liking all actors of the sector, industries and military forces, to be in line with military force' needs.

UNAC, through its ability to innovate and give a performant technical and technological answer to military forces, for example UNAC military machines TNA and EGAME, has been proven its added value for the military sector. It is an important news for UNAC, which still improves the UNAC position in military and defence sector.

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UNAC and SNCF Réseau together on the "Forum Engins Outillages SNCF"

The "Forum Engins Outillages SNCF" has been the opportunity to a meeting between M. Michael UNAC, UNAC's president, et M. Jacques RAPOPORT, CEO of SNCF Réseau, around the road-rail excavator UNAC 22TRR.

The UNAC road-rail excavator has been shown to all the SNCF visitors, who could appreciate all the advantages of the 22TRR road-rail excavator, especially its secure system which satisfies the most stringent railway standards, authorizing work under live wires or where there is an adjacent track that is open to traffic.

This meeting allows to show the new Mulching road-rail vehicle UNAC 300RR², entirely designed by UNAC and which gives many new assurances, such as a very intuitive and interactive command system for a very high safety level and a well-design hydraulic circuit producing high power for the tool without impacting other functions. Man/Machine interactivity and reliability are the two strenghts of this new road-rail mulching machine.

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Contact signed between S.I.M.M.T. and UNAC for the delivery of 2 road-rail excavators UNAC 20TRR.

S.I.M.M.T., via UGAP purchase platform, chose UNAC for the delivery in September, 2015 of two high-capacity road-rail excavators UNAC 20TRR. Many tools go along with the two excavators, from bucket to tamping unit.

S.I.M.M.T. has seen in the UNAC product its flexibility, its performance in all types of works and levelling works, and its secure system around working zone.

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Exceptional contract between S.I.M.M.T. and UNAC for the delivery of 9 caterpillar machines UNAC 160

S.I.M.M.T. and UNAC signed a contract via UGAP platform for production and delivery of nine UNAC caterpillar machines 160C² specific to forestry, delivery expected between July and December, 2015.

S.I.M.M.T. appreciates all the advantages of the UNAC forestry grinding, its high level of mobility in all existing environments, and its robustness specific to forestry works with protection under frame.

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UGAP integrates the new forestry machine UNAC 160C²

UGAP platform integrates in its catalogue the new forestry UNAC 160C² equipped caterpillar tracks.

These independant caterpillar tracks and its small size give it both a strong capacity to move on steep ground or on dense vegetation and an accentuated grip. Grinding capacity and robustness of the forestry machine has been significantly improved thanks to its new hydraulic system.

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The road-rail excavator UNAC 20TRR in UGAP catalogue

UGAP chose to put UNAC and its high-capacity road-rail excavator 20TRR in the UGAP catalogue. UGAP chose UNAC 20TRR because it allows to make all works on railway tracks, keeping all the strenghts of the original Caterpillar excavator, and by adding UNAC railway expertise where the both hydrostatic motorised rail axles can performed the excavator in all existing environments.
A wide range of railway equipment is available.

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UNAC in DENMARK for the delivery of 3 road-rail excavators UNAC 22TRR

UNAC, through its collaboration with PON EQUIPMENT (Caterpillar network), signed a contract with AARSLEFF RAIL in Denmark for the delivery of 3 road-rail excavators UNAC 22TRR in 2015.

The ambition of UNAC abroad is confirmed through this contract. This agreement particularly allows to highlight the reactivity and performance of UNAC design office in order to permit to the UNAC 22TRR road-rail excavator to adapt to specificities to Danish market, especially:

  • Ability of the UNAC excavator to be in convoy,
  • The use of pneumatic brakes allowing 50 tons of traction on 5/1’000 hill.

This delivery is the first one on many others which will come during 2015.
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During its participation to the 2014 edition of the biggest railway fair over the world – INNOTRANS 2014 – that happened from the 23th to the 26th of September, UNAC attract all the eyes and benefited of a record attendance in its booth.


In the place of honor this year, the presentation in worldwide exclusivity of the new version of its road-rail mulching vehicle, the 300RR², and the celebration of the delivery of the 100th road-rail excavator 22TRR.


It has also been the opportunity to meet, and to initiate meetings between them, of the various French and European market players of the railway industry.


The real investment that is a participation to this fair has been rewarded by the richness of the encounters and the promises of significant opportunities which are confirming the strong growth prospects of the UNAC company.


We warmly thank our visitors for their presence and we remain to your disposal if you were unable to come this year.

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from 23th to 26 of September, 2014: INNOTRANS fair at Berlin, Germany - International fair for the Railway Industry: UNAC will expose 4 of its road-rail vehicles: the new 300RR², mulcher Road-Rail, the famous UNAC 22TRR, the #100th! An other 22TRR adapted to the Danish market, and UNAC 8TRR mini-excavator, road-rail vehicle with rubber tracks. Come and see the new vehicles on the outside stand UNAC FA/35.

The tender SNCF - 300RR²

The tender of 37 mulchers SNCF Rail-Road won by UNAC. The new 300 RR ² conquered SNCF.
The former model, the 300RR, for its part, is proven since 15 years and is the most powerful machines on the road clearing market. The new model, the 300RR ² is based on many discussions we had with users. With an engineering listening and creativity, we were able to meet the demands and requirements of our clients.

The 300RR ² will be present on INNOTRANS Salon for a world first presentation. With a strong potential, he will convince with its effectiveness at future users.
To know more about the new UNAC 300RR², please click on pictures below.

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