UNAC knows that customer's satisfaction goes along with a good aftersales service.

UNAC Aftersales Department was initially sized according to the historic range of products, the trenchers, within the construction field. Aftersales has then taken the right dimension with the entry of the Company in the forest market. Indeed, the equipments for forest mulching work in a very rude environment, receiving strong shocks, much more than in any other type of product. Those heavy duty vehicles are often used in remote places where sites are difficult to access, directly touched by the heat, by the dust, by the broken branch impacts, by the stones, ... Despite their underneath armour, those vehicles quite often need repairs and spare parts.

In 1998, UNAC therefore decided to open a spare part shop, open 5/7 days to the public for an immediate supply as soon as the parts are on stock. In the same year, the Company opened a new position with an after-sales manager who attend the customer in order to help for troubleshooting until the machine is working correctly.