Eurosatory exhibition 2018

UNAC welcomed you at Eurosatory 2018 exhibition at Paris, France, from 11th to 15th of June.
This exhibition allowed to find out in World Premiere the new machine from UNAC for the French Army, high mobility and airdroppable system: the RIDER (Rapid Intervention Droppable Equipment for Raiders).

This exhibition allowed to see again the machine which make UNAC notoriety in Military Engineering: the EGAME.


Supermobile, airdroppable, compact and robust

This system, result of great UNAC experience in the design and furniture of high mobility and airdroppable machines, is the last system for the French Army.

This compact and robust system, consituted by a vehicule and a trailer, is a mix of all know-how of UNAC:


  • hydrostatic traction
  • Airdroppable
  • Transport by helicopters
  • Easy to use and ergonomic
  • High capacity of payload
  • Adaptable to all kind of roads and lands with high level of crossing capacity

Discover the RIDER thanks to dedicated webpage:

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Mobility, power and flexibility

The EGAME is an all-terrain bulldozer allowing to make different missions:


  • Earthworks
  • Topsoil stripping
  • Disembarcation in urban field
  • Snow removal
  • Maximum speed: 60 km/h
The EGAME is flexible: it can carry many tools, can realize many works on hardiest lands and fields.

Equipped with high-technology of UNAC, this bulldozer can work on every fields, from snow to marine environment.

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